Audio Samples

I love a challenge.  I love to do voices.  I love to make characters speak, give them life and breathe.  I will basically try any voice.  
That being said, I'm pretty sure my wheelhouse is Comedy and Adventure.

Destiny of Dragons.jpg

TJ Klune's A Destiny Of Dragons (Epic Fantasy, M/M Romance, Humor)

This is an epic fantasy mixed with M/M romance, absurd humor and what I would describe as veritable horror.  What a delight!  A heavily populated book with many fantastical characters and a very sensational world.

The Dirt Bike Detectives (Young Adult, Adventure)

I very much love a good heist story.  What's better than a heist populated by feisty, mischievous teens



Zoonauts (Sci-Fi, Comedy)

Any excuse to play a fantastic creature is reason enough for me.