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Tales from Verania by TJ Klune

a series you probably shouldn’t listen to in church

In the effort to make an epic seem epic…

I’ve spent more time making this series than any other series I’ve ever done. Because of that, it has taken a lot of strengths and helped to mold them to what they are today. The privilege of doing a fantasy is that you can get away with trying new things, supernatural or taboo (like accents :/ ). Below you can see a sampling of some of these experiments in my reels.

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SPOILER WARNING: some of these voice samples are taken from the as yet unreleased A Wish Upon The Stars. It won’t really ruin the plot, but it might ruin some surprises with the voices. Proceed with caution.


Female Characters

One of the greatest things about TJ’s writing is his ability to really inhabit his characters. He does such a stupendous job writing out his female characters, and I’ve really taken pride in fleshing them out to their full potential. A lot of male narrators are knocked for their lackluster commitment to fleshing out women’s voices. But female characters are usually my favorite voices to do!

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Fantastical Characters

This series is nothing without its magical creatures. And in four nearly 20-hour long books, you can bet there are quite a few of them: dragons, unicorns, fairies, sand mermaids, wizards, elves and even more way beyond.

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Comedy Characters

I don’t know how to tell you how funny this series is. I think it should just speak for itself. Almost every single section is a real side-splitter. I want this audiobook to come with a warning for commuters.