Destiny of Dragons Release and when a character has to change slightly

Hey friendos,

The anticipation for A Destiny of Dragons ends today!  It's finally out and I'm extremely excited for everyone to hear this months-long endeavor.  I surely hope people do enjoy it.  I'm working on Consumption as we speak (though I've had to redesign my studio, so that's held up production for this week.  NEVERTHELESS, I will work my damndest to get you Consumed in a timely manner!)

You may notice in the new book that Kevin's voice is not so deep and the echo is a little less pronounced as well.  This is because I'm using different software than I used in The Lightning Struck Heart.  I used ProTools to edit that book, whereas with any production since the beginning of 2017; I've used Reaper.  I prefer Reaper for almost every aspect of production, though sometimes the plug-ins (what's used to manipulate the sounds) are not as good as ProTools.  

Whenever I changed the pitch and echo to try to match the deep sound Kevin had in prior books, it got the desired result but with an added metallic sound.  It was almost robotic.  I felt deep ambivalence about this, because I really don't like changing characters.  In the end, I decided that it was best to not do so much SFX to Kevin (and also Zero's) voice because I found the distraction > consistency. 

I'm sorry if this catches people off-guard.  Know that it was long thought of and I did it with great caution.  I hope the character still comes off as gargantuan and ridiculous as needs be.