Can we take a moment to look at how Ryan and Sam's relationship evolves in the Verania series? (Consumption Teaser #1)

It's fascinating to me to see how characters grow in a series.  TJ definitely has a knack for allowing his characters to take patient, revealing turns towards maturity.  Something I've been feeling a lot more in my narration as i slog through the ol' third out of four is how sassy the Knight Commander continues to be, coupled with Sam finally bearing the gravity of his destiny and becoming a little bit more responsible.  

I'll admit there were a couple turns in Destiny that threw me off guard; some setting up situations a little more dire than expected!  But I'm really loving the growth of these characters and getting to play through it.  Every once in a while, they pop out a new dimension and we're gradually building up from one-dimensional stock character to these dodecahedrons filled with such dynamic complexity.  I love how easy and natural it is for me to get into Ryan's voice or Sam's voice at this point.  It really allows me to try things, which allows them to try things; and I think really sings how much they care for each other and how much trust and fun they can share with one another.  What a romance!  What a lovely bunch of dudes.

I love this series.  More teasers to come bb's ;)